We always provide quality services to our customers


We have found that different organisations require a differing mix of services to successfully realise return on investment and achieve their business goals.

Some use internal resources, some use a range of third parties, some have time to do all the hard work themselves while others want to continue to focus on their business operations.

To have pride in our work, we adapt to our customer’s preferences while always delivering a service of lower cost holistically, than you can do it yourself….and we recognise that sometimes you simply do not have the budget, so we give you some free templates and guides, to do it yourself.

Free assistance

Microsoft provides free 30 day trial systems which are great when you are familiar with the products, but can be frustrating and difficult when you don’t know where to go to do things.

We provide free assistance and templates if you are evaluating by yourself.

Customisation, Development and Deployment

We have over 20 years experience delivering to business vision and fixes to business problems. We also have a team of highly experienced yet affordable developers.

We use a methodology which engages your team from the start so that investments successfully achieve their objectives.

Environment management

While our focus is on delivering business functionality and automation, all the surrounding technology also needs to be managed.

To minimise the pain for our customers we have a group, who can do day to day assistance of management of your surrounding technology.

Analysis and documentation

Even before you start evaluating and researching, we would recommend you document how you  want your business to run – forgetting about the technology.

We can assist by providing free methodology templates you can use in-house, or we can offer affordable assistance. Critical for minimising costs. 


Our different customers have different success rates in supporting their end users and developing in-house technical knowledge, as well as staff turnover.

We offer a customised approach to each of our customers, but fundamentally using a ticketing system, screenshare and short videos, to keep your costs low.

Project management

Change is not an easy thing to manage. Costs to worry about, and the bigger problem of encouraging various levels of comfort of with technology, within your staff team.

Focus is also required by someone to drive any change to successful adoption, and we can provide a level of project management dovetailing with your internal resources, to ensure beneficial change progresses smoothly.