What we do?

About Us

We are a Microsoft partner who has been working with CRM since before 2000. We have worked with a number of CRM systems but now focus on digital systems using the Microsoft platform, and more specifically, automation and app development using Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft’s Dynamics solutions.

We are as passionate about the process of deploying and supporting new systems, as we are about the technology. We encourage business users to focus on the business processes they wish to implement to achieve the business outcomes they envision. The technology behind automation – Microsoft PowerPlatform, artificial intelligence and more, are very flexible tools to allow us to give you those outcomes.

Solutions with PC phone & tablet use

Cloud hosted in Microsoft data centres

Customisable packaged software

Supports all NDIS service provision

Automation and AI capability

In your own Microsoft environment

Why choose us?

We believe in our technology – Microsoft technology, and its capability to offer exception value to organisations.

Our team feels pain if you are not enjoying use of the solution while you are working with us.

We can always find a way to deliver to your business needs.

We believe quality is key to getting the best return on investment. 

Experience with Microsoft business platform

Commitment to your success

We give you flexibility

We focus on quality and return on investment