Axem people are passionate and genuinely excited about what Dynamics 365 can do for organisations.

We build and offer our own niche apps built on Dynamics 365 and using Azure and Office 365, but we also love the powerful out of the box apps Microsoft provides.

We have experience in CRM of almost 20 years – which is a scary statistic, starting from Contact management at the end of last century – which then morphed to Sales force automation and CRM – and now that is disappearing to “Dynamics 365”.

Because it is not about just people relationships anymore – it is about the whole dynamics of the way an organisation runs, including communication with your community and bringing them in and empowering them with your processes which you put out there on the web.

  • Portals to involve others outside your organisation and
  • Internet of Things interfacing with Dynamics and scary artificial intelligence

will change the world, enabled by mobile devices.

We have staff in a number of countries working with us, as well as a well-developed informal team because the scope and range of what is possible is enormous. Many people need organisations like our to pull things together – so we offer a range of services to meet specific needs, but around Dynamics 365 with it’s exciting extensions.

We have customers in many locations of Australia, and they vary in size considerably

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