For occupiers

  •  Internet of Things enabled – manage devices in your space
  • View of Invoices from building management, owners, and payment.
  •  Book facilities online including meeting rooms, lifts for moves, loading bays
  • Online request bookings for services

    For building mangers and facilities managers

    • Internet of Things enabled – manage monitoring, control, services within
      • Air conditioning
      • Lighting
      • Security including video
    • Automation of maintenance
    • Lists of suppliers and contractors
    • Asset management including parts and maintenance
    • Easy communication with owners
    • Easy communication with tenants
    • Space details
    • Costing and budgeting of expenses
    • Invoice for services
    • Manage Invoices from suppliers
    • Services and good supplier rating and pricing comparison records
    • Work Health Safety compliance management
    • Scheduling and notifications regarding fire system testing
    • Scheduling and notifications regarding safety drills
    • Safety drill agendas, invitations, attendance records
    • Meeting agendas, invitations, attendance, minutes
    • Document repository shared securely as you specify
    • Manage tenant and owner work requests, invoicing and payments.
    • Layout and services drawings stored digitally

    For realtors

    • Access details of spaces / tenancies you have been given access to
    • Owner requirements and contact details (if access provided)
    • Message building manager
    • Message tenant
    • Message owner
    • Upload Invoices for tenants and them pay direct to your account

    For building and property owners

    Some property owners may effectively take on the role of property managers, or at perhaps some of the tasks sometimes allocated to the building manager.

      • Communicate and plan with tenants
      • Manage maintenance, service, invoicing and payments
      • Manage leases and expenses