Marketing 365

Microsoft offers a couple of options for the marketing gurus of organisations using Dynamics 365

1. High end sophisticated marketing departments complex marketing budget management requirements, as well as challenging campaigns.

For this you might care to consider the Adobe integrated marketing solution.

2. For organisations who are pretty sophisticated but do not have to deal with complexity of multi-national departments, there are 2 options:

a.Click Dimensions (by Click Dimensions)

b.Dynamics for Marketing (by Microsoft)

if you’re researching information here, there are videos available, one lasting 6 minutes giving an overview of the purpose and concept of dynamics for marketing, and the other a 28 minute video going into more depth.

Licensing fees from Microsoft are based on the number of contacts in your database. Please send us an email here for more information, as specific prices and licensing arrangements change from time to time. We promise not to pester you if you do not want further contact.

If you would like more information, or be able to play with a free trial version, please contact us.

We are dynamics 365 business partners, and have a broad experience and technical capability in the dynamics 365 suite.

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