Internet of Things is now widely used to improve services and operation.

Information from devices is accumulated using Azure IoT Suite or other mechanisms, but to make it really useful, we need to tie it to assets and people and organisations.

From there we can manage all the actions and analysis that needs to occur automatically.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the perfect environment to do this with as it has workflow, assets, contacts and organisations structured to allow.

We focus on using Dynamics 365 is a collection and control point for multiple IoT systems, as well as configuring Azure IoT suite and coding for legacy devices when required.

Some uses of Internet of Things

Predictive maintenance – maintain before breakdown, but not before needed.

Understand behaviour and react automatically to optimise and smooth operations.

Monitor to reduce costs by using power, lighting, and other services – only when required.

Empower assisted management of environments to minimise effort and time.

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