The ideal option is to allow customers to find solutions to their issues quickly and easily, at any time, to suit their particular situation.

This can include giving them selected (and secure) access to your business processes so that they are an extension of your business operation.

Analysts have forecast that quality of customer service will be a higher priority than price, before 2020 – if that is not already the case in many industry segments.

Customers want to be able to access the same information from their phones, PCs and multiple devices.

Personalise based on past interactions but maintain the option flexibility.


These participant need easy access to information relevant to their issue and circumstances, across different media – example email, chat, phone, self-service – whatever the customer’s comfort zone and preference.

Help guide agents and participants through the process of finding relevant information, and offer relevant suggestions.

Allow the agent to resolve cases with visual ques and automated management of processes based on entitlements.

With continuous automated monitoring of incidents, trends and product problems and how to handle them are picked up quickly.

Flexibility of processes allows easy adjustment to activity.

  • Allow customers to submit requests via the web, chat.
  • Knowledgebase for self-help.
  • Manage Service Level Agreements
  • Web portal to allow customers to view and track progress, but control what appears.
  • Track, auto escalate, auto respond to requests.
  • Manage Contracts and service entitlements