Microsoft is making hooking up machine learning and artificial intelligence simpler – to allow you to
  • Guide staff through appropriate processes
  • Guide customers through appropriate processes
  • Provide insights and make recommendations about a specific set of circumstances
  • Monitor, analyse and initiate actions fully automatically to either alert a person to do something – or action immediately (we recommend this only if time is critical and / or the accuracy probability is very high level of confidence).
Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an ideal platform to consolidate information and actions.

Microsoft has already hooked to AI to:

Provide Relationship Insights in Dynamics 365 CRM

Looks are relationships and activities to recommend what the next step in advancing to a goal, should be – and if human interaction is required – make a recommendation to a person, as to what to do.

Customer Insights in Dynamics 365

This can bring together data from multiple sources to drive automated actions. This does not have to be within your systems, but can understand information from other apps such as Facebook and Trip Advisor.