These are a few GUIDELINES to Microsoft Dynamics 365 licensing

and our products. Please contact for confirmation as Microsoft can update prices often. 
Prices are subject to change without notification.

Note that our custom solutions do not remove functionality from Dynamics 365 - just enhance it. Dont forget these prices are hosted prices in Microsoft data centres - 4 regions in Australia. Prices can vary if outside Australia. Licenses are per user per month and you can mix and match different licenses in the same systems - depends on the functionality each of your staff require.

  • Dynamics 365 suites provide muliple adds such as Field Service, Sales Management, Project Service Automation. Plan levels add additional apps such as Enterprise Finance and Operations - from $146.50 Ex GST per user per month. 
  • Dynamics 365 Team Member licenses allow you to View any records (there are exceptions so please check with us), and update certain types of records such as time sheets, and other records - $10.90 Ex GST per user per month.
  • Ateesa for staff - these are added to Dynamics 365 licenses and give NDIS-365 - Ateesa funcitonality - $45 Ex GST per user per month.
  • Ateesa for Contractors app - varies but can be up to $10.90 Ex GST per contractor per month 
  • My Building Info for building and facility managers  - these are added to Dynamics 365 licenses  - $95 Ex GST per user per month usually only one or very small number of these licenses are required. Requires Dynamics 365 licenses. No cost for Tenant or Realtor access via Portal (see Portal license)
  • My Building Info for staff  - $45 Ex GST per user per month. Requires Dynamics 365 TEAM MEMBER  license.
  • Dynamics 365 Marketing for 365  - $636.80 Ex GST per month. Add on Marketing for Dynamics 365 - other modules are also available.
  • Dynamics 365 Talent for 365  - $50.90 Ex GST per user per month. HR finding, onboarding, managing staff
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central - $98 Ex GST per user per month. Nav financials.
  • Dynamics 365 Portal license - functionality - hosted by Microsoft - is included at no charge if system includes 5 Dynamics 365 suite licenses.Without 5 suite licenses, cost is $638.80 Ex GST per month.
  • Work Health Safety 365 - $3.50 per staff member per month.